Share your story, ideas, vision- Send your photographer your mood board, your colour schemes, your hopes and dreams. Believe me- this gets us super excited.


Send us pictures of your dress, we want boomerangs, pictures, your yes to the dress! Ladies…this is one of the best bits of wedding planning right so let us get excited with you!


Send us your invites and save the dates, stationary is super exciting right. Not only is it a cute keepsake for us it helps us too,  this will of course be a part of your photo collection and your photographer is sure to be invited and attending your wedding anyway.


Be prepared- On your wedding day, be sure to have your shoes and details ready for photographs. this saves heaps of time for those candid shots we all love. Jewellery, perfume, rings, personal items and placing these somewhere safe is so helpful. Thank you in advance.


Relax & Trust- Trusting your photographer is so important, its completely normal that not every photographer will be your cup of tea. Compatibility and connection is so important as this will make you feel comfortable and ensure the best photography results. Lets click, have fun and create some beautiful content! Its all about the experience right!?