Hey I’m Nicola

Hey I'm Nicola

 I live in Essex just outside of London, surrounded by beautiful views and friendly locals. I am a bubbly & fun espresso martini lover thats passionate about the simple things in life….. If I could live anywhere it would be by the beach in a cute house, filled with boho style interiors! The dream!!!
I am always planning adventures and travelling, any opportunity to catch a flight somewhere…I am there!
I’m a girly girl at heart but don’t mind skipping hair and makeup and stepping out of my comfort zone.
Family is so important to me and spending time with them is what I cherish the most, Im obsessed with weddings and I actually have been visioning my own since I was about 10! Beachy boho weddings give me the feels!
Photography is my passion and I love photographing love, real emotion so weddings deliver in every way!
Lets sit down with a cuppa tea or a cheeky cocktail and chat about everything that matters to you. x

More about me...

- I LOVE the beach and mountains... but I would choose the beach all day long!
- Boho decor/shells/warm tones are my fave
- I LOVE peonies or dried flowers...PAMPAS!
- My favourite drink has to be an espresso Martini!
- I love Tapas!
- Coffee or tea? hmmmm definitely tea
- I am an amazing cook but terrible baker! Such a foodie!
- I am absolutely obsessed with makeup and perfume!
- I love fresh Pj's and clean sheets....simple things!
- I have run the London Marathon...Yikes it was painful
- Best country I have ever visited has to be really is magical

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