Nick & Jess Preview-57

The fact your here means alot to me and I am so happy we can begin getting to know each other. I don't want to be just another supplier at your wedding, this means more to me than that. I pour my heart and soul into documenting your memories and being a photographer is more than just taking photographs, it's my passion!

Tell me everything about you and your wedding by completing my contact form below. I would love to know all the details and I want to know what is important to you.

I will be the photographer that wants to know about your style, the dress, and all the bits in-between.

I will be giving you lots of recommendations aswell to help you along the way.

Your journey starts right here!

Your Beautiful Story

Told Through Powerful Images

What's the process?



Let the adventure begin!


Pay your deposit & sign your contract


So the first step is to get in touch, if your date is available then we are off to a great start! I am getting booked up really quickly so do not wait as I really hate turning away couples if I am already booked.

We can chat on the phone or organise a video call too to chat over your plans and I will send you all the details by sending you my pricing guide.

Leading up to your wedding I try to stay in touch with my couples and connect with them on social media or by phone. I will send you a welcome guide and organise the remaining payments. I will also organise a chat virtually if we can't meet face to face closer to the wedding, usually about 3-4 weeks beforehand.

If you wish to book, I will send you an invoice to pay your deposit. I will also send you a contract to sign electronically aswell and this is really easy to do.

Once this is all done, I can say we are official! Whhhooooooo!

And Answers




Do you travel?

Can I pay in installments?

One word answer for that......ABSOLUTELY!

I travel all over the UK and happy to hop on a flight anywhere to capture your day. If I am available and the logistics fit I wanna be there!

I am always trying to travel to suss out new areas too so I can be a bundle of knowledge in those popular destinations!

Yes of course, we can chat about what works best for you when you book with me. All I need is the initial deposit and then you can pay in three further instalments or pay in full. I try to be as flexible as possible.



How far in advance can we book?

What is your favourite thing about photographing weddings?

The emotion....I love seeing family and friends together having fun and making beautiful memories and I love LOVE!

However, I do adore all the sentimental touches and I am a proper girly girl so I get super excited over the dress of course!

Currently 18 months, my prices do increase over time and I don't like to book too far ahead as plans change and I love to travel