The show must go on but better to be prepared right, if we could all buy a piece of good weather then I am sure its an investment every couple would make. Its one top discussed subject by couples getting married and unfortunately you cannot control this. Try not to let it get you down if the weather is not as you would have hoped and enjoy every bit of your day, remember you have been so excited about your wedding for so long and everything and you cant change the weather. Whether its rain or shine there is some things that you can do to prepare for unexpected rain. Regardless- I am happy to dance in the rain with you if needed! 

  • On the day, come rain or shine, I will be sure to plan for shots inside or outside and will consider the weather. You only get your day once so lets run outside, this is great opportunity to cuddle up to your love and let me do the work! 

  • If you are getting married outside, assure you have a plan B and discuss this with your venue. 

  • Purchase some cute umbrellas for you and your guests to cover up, there are so many to choose from and come in all shapes and sizes. I love the clear umbrellas they look great pictures and they do make a nice accessory. Store them in a pretty basket and make them visible so they are accessible. This thought will go a long way! 

  • Consider purchasing some alternative shoes or some boots/wellies to save your beautiful heels. Wellies and cool boots do make nice images and it can creat some fun imagery. Plus, you probably won’t see them much anyway as your dress will be stealing the show. 

  • ENJOY it, don’t worry about your dress getting dirty in wet weather. As much as you try to keep it beautifully clean, dresses will get dirty throughout the day and you probably won’t even worry after a few glasses of your favourite tipple. Head to the dry cleaners after the wedding and I am sure your dress will look brand new again after they have finished.