You may have heard the phrase “elopement” and your now wondering what is this? It is so common I hear newly engaged feeling overwhelmed with hundreds of new wedding ideas and they don’t know where to start.

An elopement is an intimate personal ceremony or you may hear people refer to it as “running away” to get married. This may not appeal to everyone and that is ok but if I have caught your attention then I urge you to keep reading!

Do you want to focus on the non traditional, intimate, personal moments instead of stressing out over the seating plan and the table favours? Yes? Amazing! Just think of mountains, waterfalls, beaches, hills….I could go on and the opportunities are endless.

Your chosen destination to elope may be somewhere very special to you and if you already know this then you have done more planning than you realise. I love meaningful, real emotion and I always get that warm fuzzy feeling during an elopement. You can still take control over your plans and have family there with you or it can be simply just you and your love…totally your choice. Elopements are for adventurous, no fuss souls that are considering a more stripped back approach. I LOVE elopements because they really are a no fuss, non traditional way of tying the knot.

By this point your probably thinking can I do this in the UK or does this have to be abroad? Its good to do your research but I can help you with this as there are so many ways to elope and law varies depending on where you choose to do this. Anyway, enough of the nitty gritty get in touch with me and ask me about elopements. I am here to serve you, advise you and capture all of it! I am passionate about real, raw and memorable moments and I want to be there for you. Want to see a perfect example of a beautiful elopement? head over to my Norway elopement gallery….its a real good one! The link is below